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Roofs are always exposed to the elements, so it's not really surprising if they develop various issues. Fortunately, most roofing problems can be resolved when you get the help of roofing experts like Harry D Matala Construction. We are a quality roofing company in Troy, NY, and we offer dependable roof repair services and other solutions. Book your appointment with us today!

Professional Roofing Solutions and More

Slate Roof Installation
One of our specialties is installing word-class slate roofs. These are a great option for most properties since they're incredibly durable and resistant to mold, fire, and frost damage. As long as your slate roofing is properly installed, you won't have to fix it often, and you can expect it to last for many years.

Slate Roof Repair

Slate Roof Repair
Slate roofs can get damaged when they're exposed to large amounts of impact or when they're poorly installed. The good news is that our slate roof repair experts are here to help you bring your roof back to good condition and make it last longer. Call us today and use our top-tier roofing repair services!
Slate Roof Replacement
There are times when even professional repairs can't bring your roof back to good condition. In this scenario, the best choice is to replace your roof with brand-new materials. Don't worry since our roofers can help you with the slate roof replacement process, and we'll ensure that your new roof is professionally installed.

Roof Sheathing Installation

Roof Sheathing Installation
If your roof is in bad shape, you probably have to replace not just the roofing material itself but also the decking beneath it. This might seem like a complicated process, but you don't have to fear it since we can take care of it for you! Contact us to know more about our roof sheathing installation service.

Other Services

Interior Painting
We don't just provide roofing solutions — we also help our clients with other projects like siding installation as well as interior and exterior painting. We can even assist you with remodeling your property and making it more attractive! Give our experts a ring if you would like to use these solutions.

Why Should You Hire Expert Roofers?

Fixing and installing roofs can be a huge challenge. With one wrong move, you can cause a lot of property damage and even injure yourself in the process. To avoid accidents, your best option is to hire roofing service providers like us. By getting our help, you can give your property a sturdy and hard-wearing roof without putting yourself at risk for injuries.

Advanced Roofing Techniques

Here at Harry D Matala Construction, we rely on modern roofing methods that are tested and proven to be highly effective. Through these techniques, we can install and repair roofs according to the highest standards and give our customers great value for money. Our team also uses advanced tools and special equipment that make our job easier and allow us to create excellent results for our clients.

The Communities That We Serve

Many of our customers are in Troy, NY, but we don’t just cater to local residents! We also provide our slate roof maintenance services and other solutions to property owners who are in the surrounding areas, which include the following neighborhoods:

  • Waterford, NY
  • Cohoes, NY
  • Colonie, NY
  • Menands, NY
  • Brunswick, NY

Harry D Matala Construction is one of the best slate roof repair companies that you can hire in Troy, NY. Contact us today and schedule an appointment with our team!

Client’s Testimonial

Aug 26, 2020
Definitely One of the Best

I have hired several slate roof repair companies and this is one of the best contractors I've ever worked with. They knew the right methods to use to restore my roof to its original condition and make it last longer. I can definitely recommend this company to other homeowners.

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